Three things I love on a Thursday

Welcome to a new-ish regular feature where I list just three things that I am enjoying and appreciating on a Thursday. Regular features on my blog are still a bit of a new thing for me and although I said last time that I’d try to do this every fortnight, that didn’t work, so I’ll just do it regularly. Here are three things that I am enjoying this Thursday:

1. I have some really great friends
I’ve found the last 2 years really tough for a few reasons and one of the things that has helped me a great deal is my group of really great friends. I met up with some friends on Friday night and over the weekend and it helped me to remember just how great it is to have them in my life. I won’t mention any names, they know who they are, also there were some really great friends that I didn’t see this weekend and they are just as special to me. I don’t get the chance to see these groups of people very often but they are the type of friends that it doesn’t matter how far apart you are or how long you go without seeing them, you just pick straight up from where you left them. I feel really lucky to have these people in my life. Even just knowing that they are there is a really great comfort to me. I didn’t even get any photos from the weekend as we were having too much fun, living in the moment!

* This image I took myself of the mini-book that I’m putting together of our trip to NYC, obviously only documenting the planning stages so far. Hopefully more about that when I get back. (apologies that it’s quite grainy from my iPhone)

2. Looking forward to NYC
I’m taking a trip to NYC soon, and I’m so excited! My sister has been working over in America for 3 months and I’m really missing her, we are meeting her there once she’s finished working, spending a few days sightseeing, hopefully visit some family and then bring her home with us. I’ve been getting all prepared, writing lists of things I want to do and preparing a mini album for some of my photos and memories. It isn’t long now and I’ve had a countdown on my phone since we had 88 days to go, which is when my sister left.

3. The book that I’ve been reading

I probably don’t love this on the scale of the other two things above but this was the first other thing that I thought of whilst thinking of 3 things that I love at the moment, and it is the book that I’ve just finished reading. It is Caitlin Moran’s ‘How to be a woman’, which is part autobiography, part feminist rant and a laugh a minute. I’m not a very big reader and I find it difficult to get into books, however I’ve definitely read a lot more since I’ve been commuting to London for work. I’ve read a couple of bad books that I just couldn’t get into and then I started to read this one have enjoyed every bit of it. Before you make any judgements on it, I suggest you read it for yourself.

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