On Olympics eve

‘Twas the night before the Olympics when all through London, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse…

Ok, you get the idea! It is the night before the Olympics in London start and I am so abso-bloomin’-lutely excited about the whole thing! 7 years ago when the host of the 2012 games was announced, it was very exciting but I was only 17 at the time, being 24 in 2012 felt a long long way off, it felt a lifetime away!

Now we’ve all criticised THAT logo, we’ve umm’d and arr’d about whether THAT typeface will work, we’ve got ahead of the games, most of us have seen the torch pass us by among the cheering crowds and I have commented on those mascots.

It has all grown on me after my first impressions. The branding does work well in my opinion, I can’t imagine what a challenging job that must have been to design the Olympics, something everyone will remember for years. The logo has to be put along side all the sponsors’ branding, on medals, all types of sports kit, torches, banners, advertising, merchandise and be used everywhere! The colours and other branding elements work well too. I may be bias because I’m just too excited about the whole thing but having the banners everywhere, the bunting, the posters advertising various sponsors, it all builds up a sense of community and a sense of excitement because we’ll all be celebrating this little country and welcoming the rest of the world in.

The athletes’ have prepared for months for this moment, the performers in the opening ceremony have rehearsed, and we’re all nervous and waiting for the opening curtain to go up on what has been named the biggest show on earth.

20120726-101633 PM.jpg
The torch went passed my office this morning, all the people of the city lined the streets to wave and cheer it passed. There was such a great atmosphere and it really got me all excited for the games starting tomorrow! TOMORROW! The Olympic Games will be starting in our little town, just miles away from where I live and work, it is just so exciting!!

What events are you going to see? If any? I don’t have any tickets but plan on going to one of sites where there are going to be big screens to watch it on one day just to say ‘I was there’ but I already feel like I am there, I’m so excited to be working in London over the Olympics!