Friday Finds << Red

Happy Friday! Welcome to the new series on my blog, regular features on my blog are a bit of a new thing for me and I’m going to try to do this one every fortnight. I’ve been trying to look more into photography, colour, pattern and shape so what better way to start this series with a red theme. This was really great fun because I found some really nice things and looking at them all together is great. I found most of these via Pinterest (the links to each image are below) but the one bad thing about pinterest is that I pin loads of images, they all go onto their boards and that’s great but to pick out just a few of my favourites, that’s the hard bit. However, I loved this challenge!

1. Delicious Pantone by Emilie de Morello

2. ‘Red’ by Paperscraps’ on Flickr

3. Red Fractal desktop wallpaper

4. Emma Langridge on ShapeColourSpace

5. Valentines Day Kids Table by Samantha Cabrera

6. Red Paint

7. Eiffel Tower Hail by Owen Franken


Friday Finds is a new fortnightly series which shows a selection of images based on a theme, that theme can be a colour or certain subject matter, which I choose for that fortnight. I try to link to the original source as best as I can and the links are correct at the time of publishing. These images are selected for inspiration purposes only and I am not receiving any commission or payment for posting these images or any other content on this blog.