I have two confessions to make, firstly, I’m an advertisers dream, If I love the advert or packaging, it makes me want to buy into that product. It all started with a certain bank, when they started putting cute animations into their advertising and literature, I was hooked, I just HAD to transfer bank accounts (of course it wasn’t just because of the adverts). My second confession is that I love anything cute, anything animated with a cute smiley face, I’m there, I love it and cue me saying ‘awwwwww’ quite a lot.

So, when I saw the new adverts on the TV for edf energy, there was a lot of me saying ‘awwww!’ And whenever I see this little guy, I love it even more. I’m not sure if this is a question of successful advertising or them appealing to my softer nature, but these adverts are just great.

I challenge you to say that you don’t love that little guy too!