A couple of days ago, I discovered Feedly. It seems it is the solution to all of my problems, as I mentioned earlier in October that I felt that I wasn’t reading my blog posts and just leaving them unread. Well, joining feedly has taken all of the blogs that I previously followed on Google Reader and it has allowed me to sort them into groups (although you can do this on Google Reader) and feedly makes it a lot easier and user-friendly. It all looks beautiful too, you can customise the background, the general lay out and you can customise what posts show first too, whether it be the latest articles or posts recommended for you.

I think it’s great so far, if there’s anything else I discover about feedly, I’ll be sure to let you know.





What’s this then? Why have I decided to change the title of my blog? Well, I hope it hasn’t caused too much confusion but I’ve decided to change the name of this blog. This is firstly because I was getting quite tired of the old name, which was “One Last Thing…” Secondly, it is because having a re-name and a re-vamp, is probably what this blog needs. I hope it marks the beginning of a better blog.

So, what is all about? Why Design&? It’s not even a complete sentence! *cue angry people saying that it doesn’t make sense!* Well, One Last Thing doesn’t really say anything about what this blog is about, I hope that most of the time it is about design, so I needed the word design. But then it’s not all about design either so it’s “&…” everything else. Simple!

Every once in a while I’ll add to the logo at the top to reflect what I think design involves. A bit like updating a status on facebook or tweeting on twitter. I change my logo to reflect what I may be writing about on my blog. Hopefully, this will mark the beginning of better content too.

Letters that I love

Trajan Pro’s Q

To follow on from David the Designer’s series of the letters that he loves, I ended my series of posts on David the Designer’s blog by showing everyone my favourite letter. I haven’t found my favourite typeface just yet but I do know that I love Trajan and especially the Q.

This marked the end of my series as a guest writer on David’s blog. I really enjoyed it, it has taught me to actually think about what I write.

Things that I’ve learned

This is a bit delayed but as you have seen, I have been a guest writer on Davidthedesigner’s blog. First of all, I wrote about my experiences from education into employment and then on 23 May I wrote about the things that I’d learned whilst on placement and the first few months of employment.

A while ago, I wrote a post on my own blogabout the things that I’d learned on placement, I’d learned so much in such a short space of time that I wanted to look back. A bit like Stefan Sagmeister’s “Things I’ve learned in my life so far” and like Jamie Wieck’s “50 Things..” I wanted to pass on my experiences so other people can learn from them too, maybe. You can read the original post here but here is the new and improved version after 4 months of placement and almost 3 months of employment.
It’s not all about making the tea!
That old cliche is that, interns make the tea, and well, it may be true. But more importantly, it’s all about the other stuff that you do, most of the time whilst you’re not making the tea.

Fitting into a 1cm square on the tube became an every day thing but with time, I ditched the northern line and resorted to quieter, less stressful ways of getting to work. The morning commute doesn’t have to be stressful.

Read the rest of the post here.

Milton Glaser on technology

Over a year ago now I wrote my dissertation on the Future of the Printed book. I was reading an old copy of It’s Nice That 3 (April 2010) yesterday and found this great piece from an interview with Milton Glaser about the future of print.

With the wealth of knowledge from setting up New York Magazine, does it make you sad to see print magazines struggling as much as they are?
MG: It does make me sad. But then again, that’s the sadness of the elderly leaving this world that they became accustomed to. I love print, and I love the experience of making things for reproduction and holding them and being able to see them without the veil of electronic fragments. It was also an interesting process to have people come together in a room, talk about ideas, and then see those ideas translated into a physical thing on a weekly basis. Working on a weekly is wonderful. Anyone who has done magazine work under pressure realises that it brings out the best in people, a real community. And through difficulty develops a range of skills that the electronic media basically does not demand of people….On the other hand there’s nothing to worry about. It’s happened, it’s here, it’s over. Now there will be a new idea of aesthetics, beauty, truth and everything else because that’s what technology does.

So we’re entering exciting rather than depressing times in terms of publishing? It’s interesting to hear someone be positive about print with new technologies at the forefront of our minds.
MG: The lesson of history is that all technology changes culture, so what are you going to complain about? When oil painting was introduced the nature of painting changed and you couldn’t exactly determine how it would change, but the difference between painting a fresco on a wall and painting a painting that could be moved and framed is profound. All of these things have consequences that are not understood until it’s too late.

Quote taken from It’s Nice That 3


Top Nine Blogs

Being a blogger, I’m always on the look out for other blogs, I love seeing what interests other people, it creates a small discussion online and it’s good to see all sorts of opinions too. I like to see what other designers are reading and noticing, so for all of you: I’ve listed my favourite blogs, most of them I’ve always been a fan of and have always been a regular subscriber. Others, I’m a new fan of and they are just as good. The following blogs are ones I’d highly recommend. NB: I’ve left my friends’ blogs out because they will be on a different post, which also doesn’t mean these guys aren’t my friends (just so that nobody gets offended!)

Noisy Decent Graphics

Written by Ben Terrett, noisy decent graphics was one of the reasons why I started blogging and why I’ve wanted to stick at it. Ben is a Graphic Designer too and his blog notes all the noticings of an observant designer.

David the Designer

This is a personal favourite of mine, David and I have actually met before without knowing it. He’s always really supportive of us ‘young ones‘ and since the new year he’s had a few guests on his site, providing us with a new voice telling us what their opinions are on just about everything design related. With features like ‘This made me smile’ combined with everyday goings on and sometimes a little rant about the spinning disc of doom, David the Designer is a highly recommended read in my opinion.

Ace Jet 170

Acejet170 has been a long term favourite of mine, there is always something original to look at on here, something beautiful, some lovely typography or even about the antics of his chickens.

It’s Nice That

It’s nice that is a ‘must-read’ for all creatives, noting the ‘things’ that they get sent, interviews with other artists and they even do a graduate feature, documenting newly graduated creatives who are just starting out in the world.

Frank Chimero

Frank Chimero is a new favourite of mine, I just find all that he writes about really interesting and I always see my work in a different light after reading what Frank has to say. He’s also bringing out a book, it looks really cool, well, the video for it does anyway!

Creative Review

Creative Review is a great magazine for opinions, news and reviews on everything that is going on in the creative world. When I can’t get to a shop to buy the printed version I look to the Creative Review blog for all the latest news. With the printed magazine coming being issued monthly, the information here is usually a bit more up to date.


I met the guys from shellsuitzombie in the summer at D&AD new blood. They say first impressions are everything, well, when I saw them scooting around the exhibition on a rickshaw shouting through a megaphone, that was it, first impression made! I bought their magazine and found it so useful when was graduating from uni. I wonder if there’s a newer issue out.

Stuff no-one told me

This is a blog of great little illustrations about the stuff that no-one tells you but you learn anyway. It’s great fun and you end up learning a bit. Most of it is more funny than ‘serious’ lessons.

Things organised neatly

I’ve written about this blog recently. People submit their photos of stuff organised neatly and they’re published on this site. It’s great for something different to look at. It’s also interesting to see how beautiful things can look when they are placed ‘just so!’

Faces in Places.

This blog, I came across a while ago and it never ceases to make me giggle. The blog, is a photographic collection of faces found in everyday spaces. This is something I always spot when going about my day, that things tend to look like faces, it’s great when the thing in question never means to look like a face and happens naturally. The photos tend to create little characters, great to use for illustration or in character design.

Here are some of my favourites: