Apps & iPhone

I took the plunge at the beginning of this year and finally got an iPhone. I didn’t get one before because I feared that I’d use it for absolutely everything and would almost rely on it, I don’t like the thought of relying on technology for things but being a Graphic Designer, I kind of rely on technology every single day so being stubborn just wasn’t working. The first iPhone that was sent to me lasted about 4 days before I got the blue screen of doom and it died on me, never to turn on again. I soon got a replacement though and this one is still going strong. I thought I’d let you know my favourite apps, for iPhone and MacBook, a lot of people have been describing their set up and I find it interesting so here goes:

This is now an app that I cannot live without. I have this on my phone and MacBook, they sync together and make it so easy to be organised and sorted. It is basically an amazing To Do list tool. You can organise all of your tasks into separate lists, you can insert notes and due dates and the app reminds you when you haven’t ticked something off. My favourite feature is that they sync between all of your devices so I have them synced on my MacBook at home, my iPhone and my computer at work and I’m all up to date with what I’ve got to do. Then the only thing to do then is to DO those things on my list, which is the hardest bit.

This is a magazine style RSS feed app, a bit like Google Reader, Bloglovin’ or the many other RSS readers that are available. I like it because it looks good, you can organise the different blogs into categories and it doesn’t give you that big scary number of posts that you haven’t read, just the latest posts. I may have missed quite a bit of news from the various blogs that I follow but sometimes this can be information overload if you read too much. I read what I want to read or just read the latest posts. You can also save posts for later, like them, mark as read or unread and use feedly to save websites for later using the extension in your browser once you’ve installed it.

This is another app that syncs between my MacBook at home, my phone and my computer at work. I always carry a small notebook around with me in my handbag and I take notes at work in a bigger notebook. However, I write longer notes, mainly for this here blog on my phone, on the train and then those notes are synced everywhere, so I can pick up those notes at home to work on my blog posts. Evernote makes it easy to edit notes and they stay organised in an inbox-type list on the same window in which you edit the relevant notes and these notes save and sync automatically, making it all organised and up to date. There is so much more to evernote that I don’t know yet.

I have this on my phone in the attempt that one day I may use it, I do most of my blog admin on my MacBook at home and as I start to write more, I may start to do more admin on my phone, i.e. checking comments etc but I can’t imagine I’d post from my phone.

I love Pinterest, did I ever mention that? I have an hour journey to and from work during the week (although on friday, I got home in 50 minutes, which is a record!) So, I get quite bored, I try to do all sorts of things on the train, if I run out of things, or I’m tired, I look through what others have been pinning on Pinterest on my phone but that’s just about how far it goes. It is possible to pin images from other websites on the iPhone but I don’t tend to use this feature.

The dropbox app is great on both my MacBook and computer at work, again they sync all of my documents. This is good if I find an interesting document on the web at work, I download it and put it in my dropbox to read at home. I can also place files to work on at home or using the iPhone app, I can download them onto my phone to work on, on the train. There is the option to send files between other people on dropbox but I don’t know how to use that function.

Numbers / Pages
I’ve only just downloaded these apps for my phone but use them both on my home and work computers regularly. They’re the mac equivalent of Microsoft office but are so much better to use in my view. I use them on my phone to update work documents downloaded from dropbox on the train. It is also possible to sync documents through iCloud but I don’t think there is an easy way to do this.

In the attempt to take more  photos, instagram kind of encourages me, the novelty has kind of worn off recently, mainly because most of things I’ve been doing are either inside in bad light because of the rain, or outside in the rain, and neither make good photos. But the iPhone makes surprisingly good photos for a phone, I do take a lot more photos now because I have my phone with me all of the time.

The Calendar app is great with iCloud, all of my dates and times are synced through iCloud and I should never be late! haha! I also keep note of the exhibitions that I want to see and their dates so I don’t miss out.

Draw Something
I love this game, It’s so much fun. I also play Sudoku, Words with friends and I do have angry birds, but don’t really play it, I’d get addicted if I did.

Self Control
My confession is that I get distracted when I’m trying to get things done, so the self control app blocks certain websites for when I need to be busy at work. If I was to try to go on the websites that I write on the black list in the time that I set, my web browser would say the website was not available. It’s so useful when I’m up against a deadline.

So, those are all the apps that I love and use everyday. Do you have any that you couldn’t live without? Any that I haven’t mentioned? Or any better options to what I’ve mentioned?