Hello, my name is Sian and welcome to my little bit of the internet. I am a designer, letterer, crafter and paper fanatic. I’m really glad you’re here.

Ever since I can remember, I’ve always loved to draw. Even in nursery, you’d always find me with a crayon in my hand. When all the other children were playing in the park and climbing trees, I was either in a dance class or indoors drawing. I remember creating a magazine when I was about nine years old, I think it only had two issues and a readership of just my sister and I. It was all created with cut out pieces of paper, drawings and I remember having a few colouring pages for my sister to colour in.

I first heard about Graphic Design when I was about eleven. My Mum worked for a Graphic Designer and I heard about all that they did, I thought that the only way I could have a job that meant I’d still be able to create all day was to be a Graphic Designer. So I studied Graphic Design through school and into University, loving every second of it.

Since graduating in 2010, I’ve been working in London as a Graphic Designer. I’ve worked on everything from annual reports and billboards to web banners and z-cards, from ideas through to final artwork, for a variety of different sectors including sports, health care, financial services and charity.

My love of creating doesn’t stop with my job. I practice hand drawn type at every opportunity that I get. I love to write, draw, paint, sew, take photos, practice yoga, go for long walks, make goals and make stuff. I also love listening to cheesy music, watching animated films, dancing like no one is watching, reading, going to the theatre, visiting cool places and exploring the world! I have a slight (ok, major) obsession with paper products and pens. I have a weakness for Tea, Cake, Flat Whites and Chocolate (who doesn’t?)

The blog
I started this blog as a University project on 3rd November 2008 to document my research and design work from my degree and since then, this space has evolved and has grown with me. I write about all the things that I love.

If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to contact me: hello [at] sianlouise [dot] co [dot] uk

(Please excuse my excessive and possibly inappropriate use of brackets, I can’t help it!)

Email: hello [at] sianlouise [dot] co [dot] uk
Twitter: @SianShrimpton
Instagram: @sianlouisedesign
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